From Behind!

We drive all our businesses from behind with strong integrated strategic, marketing and financial support!


We help the in-house brands to scale through constant customer-centric research activities in various industries where 33 holdings operate or manage business.

Scalability And
Market Expansion

We identify and advise our brands on various opportunity to scale its business both horizontally and vertically through a centralised resource pool with proven experience at various markets

Innovation And

Customer Experience

Our centralised team provide the brands with various product innovations and customer experience strategies that help the brand satisfy the needs of its customer at various points of purchase cycle. We consult internal brands on its strength and weakness and transform its business operations through strategic insights and inputs.


In the long-run 33 holdings helps its brand to optimise its cost of operations by setting up back-end operational facilities span across various segments such as IT, Marketing, Contact Point, Data Management and more. However, every brand will have its independence to choose the services based on the requirements and cost effectiveness from time to time.