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33 holdings stand for the business activities, ideas, thoughts and business representation of Mr Miandad VP, who is a leading entrepreneur with a deep portfolio of business initiatives ranging from healthcare, trading, real estate, logistics, IT, textile, mining, and education, spread across 7 countries in Asia, African and European continents.

33 Holdings leads all interventions and decisions of Mr Miandad through a senior management team that brainstorms and strategies tactical, brand and financial plans of the brands he founded, co-founded, acquired and operate at various levels of involvement.

In future, the brand represents all activities and interventions of Mr Miandad to facilitate fast-turn-around time and ensure ease of availability across his brands and businesses. The brand also works as the thought-platform for various industries and business knowledge-sharing, besides optimizing on long and short-term business and social Association that ensures better opportunities and brand recall.


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