Naseem all set to provide a new patient experience

> To launch surgical centre to provide world-class day care surgeries

> Al Rabeeh Dental Centre is merged with Naseem Healthcare and is known as Naseem Dental Centre

Doha: Naseem Healthcare has finalised the strategic decision for the year 2022 at a leadership summit held under the guidance of Managing Director Mr Mohammed Miandad VP at the corporate premises the other day. The meeting put forward the brand’s new corporate strategy under the theme RAIN 2022 – Redefine, Accelerate and Innovate Naseem, in a vision to engineer an unparalleled patient experience across Naseem brands.

Naseem Medical Centre is Qatar’s largest JCI-accredited private medical centre with seven branches, 160+ Doctors and 250+ paramedical staff. Naseem Healthcare commits itself to providing superior medical services, making it the preferred healthcare partner for everyone everywhere. Equipped with the latest medical technology, Naseem provides modern treatment plans to suit its patients’ needs. Staffed with a team of highly skilled doctors and medical staff, Naseem Medical Centre’s largest branch at C Ring road offers multiple speciality departments, a radiology department and a recently added daycare surgical centre.

In the year 2022, Naseem is planning to launch its surgical division with world-class expertise and state-of-the-art operation theatres. The day-surgery centre is equipped to be one of the best in the Middle East with facilities and clinical expertise for all arthroscopic surgical procedures such as Meniscal repair, ACL repair, MCL & PCL within the orthopaedic departments. Also, endoscopy and colonoscopy procedures in the gastroenterology department and all types of laparoscopic surgeries in general surgery, gynaecology and more.

Naseem Healthcare brings world-class healthcare to Qatar, with four Naseem Medical Centres alongside one Premium Naseem Medical Centre offering superior healthcare, and two dental centres offering complete oral health solutions under the brand of Naseem.

Naseem is also expected to benefit from the incorporation of 33 holdings, a strategic research and innovation company that represents Mr Miandad, the managing director of Naseem Healthcare. 33 holdings bring the insight, rigour and expertise needed to both uncover and realize transformative opportunities in the diversified market through intuitive research from purpose to product, brand to experience, and customer to operations.