Naseem Healthcare announces 1 Million QR worth Financial Aid for Surgeries

Mr. Mohammed Miandad V P, an eminent young businessman from Kerala, has announced 1 Million QR worth of financial aid for Surgeries. The initiative aims to provide financial aid for those who deserve support to perform surgical procedures for better health. Guests can avail of the benefit from the Naseem Surgical Centre upon notifying of their affordability conditions. The initiative would benefit Qatar residents with valid Qatar IDs recommended by embassies, social, community, and charitable associations, prominent individuals, and media. 


After being diagnosed by Doctors, the patients can discuss their affordability, who would be then directed to the program coordinator for detailed assessment and counselling. The internal approval committee constitutes the senior management officials from finance, CSR, Medical Director, and branch operations. The initiative will benefit Malayali communities in Qatar who can undergo necessary surgical procedures without the worry of financial conditions.


“Our dedication to enhance the community’s health and well-being and ensuring everyone in the society has access to quality healthcare, is demonstrated by this initiative. I feel elated to declare the assistance to those in need and hope to improve their lives, said Mohammad Miandad, V P, Managing Director of Naseem Healthcare and CMD of 33 Holdings.


1 Million Worth Surgery Program in Detail